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Wonder Spray For Wound Care

Natural Breakthrough Solution for Clear and Healthy Skin


Chronic Open Wound Issues Are Being Relieved In A Few Weeks With Wonder Spray

Wonder Spray for wound careAre you, or someone you love, suffering from painful open wounds that just won’t heal? Do your legs or feet cry out in discomfort? How often do these open wounds slow you down or stop you dead in your tracks from going out in public, visiting friends or family, eating out, dating, interviewing for jobs or affecting your self-esteem?

Obviously open wounds, especially diabetic-related wounds, hit you where it hurts the most. It crushes your confidence and robs you of your freedom to do all the things you want to do but feel embarrassed to do. It is estimated that 8-10 million people every year suffer with the indignities of open wounds, especially diabetes-related issues, that can sometimes result in severe chronic pain or even amputation.

And unfortunately, most everything you do can actually make your wounds worse unless properly handled. Over time this constant environmental barrage along with regular irritation due to use constantly lead to even more serious wound care issues. Clearly, washing your open wound with harsh soaps can also make the situation worse over time. And like the brakes in your car, your wound needs regular, daily, maintenance to have a chance of fully healing.

But what’s the solution? There is a constant release of gimmicky solutions and failed wound care products on the market. Cheap ointments, cut-rate spray products and sometimes even a dozen versions of the same brand. The wound care market is certainly confusing, mystifying, and for millions of people it just doesn’t work.

That’s why Dr. John F. Burd of San Diego, California has been working for years to create a single wound care solution that is based on proven science. A spray that works fast, is easy to use, and instantly starts healing your skin’s wound issues within seconds of being sprayed on your back, hands, legs or feet. This breakthrough product is trademarked as “Wonder Spray” and offers stunning results for open wound sufferers.

“This product is amazing and has so many other uses. If it hurts spray some on cuts, burns and many other things. I love this product. I have bottles in both of my bathrooms and in my kitchen.” – Vickie B

Wonder Spray is so effective because of it’s simple, but proven, HOCL-based concept. And instead of creating several versions of the same product for different applications, Dr. Burd decided to create a perfectly balanced product. No men’s version, no women’s version, no sports version, no adult version, no quick version, no pet version or any other knockoff versions. Just one powerfully simple spray that actually works for every person and even every pet that is suffering with open wounds.

To review scientific publications on HOCL, click here.

Wonder Spray was designed from the start to be an all-encompassing wound healing solution. Combining carefully selected ingredients, based on clinically proven research, into a simple spray that can be easily sprayed many times a day without any negative affect. In fact, it is recommended to use Wonder Spray multiple times a day on whatever the open wound issue on any part of the body.

Wonder Spray offers an extensive list of wound care and skin benefits including:

  • Bacterial Toxins are neutralized and infection is controlled & prevented
  • Treats anything from Paper Cuts to Open first degree Wounds
  • May immediately relieve chronic pain
  • Relieves itching and burning
  • Totally safe and nontoxic

Wonder Spray’s proprietary compound includes a proven virus and bacteria killer, HOCL, that provides the core solution. Wonder Spray is available in two different sizes for different uses. The 2oz bottle is handy for a Woman to keep in her purse or anyone who wants it handy in their car, medicine cabinet, boat, or desk. The 8oz bottle is perfect for a family to share or where Wonder Spray would be used in a more frequent setting like a Wound Care Center, Retirement Home or Assisted Care Facility. Wonder Spray works to comfort, relieve, and support your skin at its core. Use Wonder Spray to relieve your immediate wound care issues, then long-term to keep your wound and skin free from future issues.

Wonder Spray remains a best seller and is available exclusively online on Dr. Burd’s website. For those looking for a trial size, the 2oz bottle is recommended. All Wonder Spray products can be delivered quickly to anywhere in the US and all orders include a full 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

“This stuff is amazing! My wound is already healed. Now if I had used it when I slid off the rocks I wouldn’t have a scar. Where do you buy it?? My boomers group would love this as we were all talking about our thinning skin!!” – Richard P.

If you or someone you love are suffering from wound care issues, especially diabetes or vasculitis related wounds, then try Wonder Spray today, and feel the benefits yourself.

Bottles in 2oz and 8oz sizes are available right now at the Wonder Spray shop online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wonder Spray And Skin Blemishes


What types of wounds and cuts does Wonder Spray treat?

Wonder Spray can treat anything from small paper cuts to minor wounds.


Is Wonder Spray safe to use on open cuts and wounds?

Yes, Wonder Spray is proven to be effective and safe to use around the eyes, nose, mouth and mucous membranes.


When should I seek professional help?

If your wound requires stitches, please go to the nearest hospital. If your wound has not healed properly or has become infected, please contact your doctor.


Can Wonder Spray be used for burns?

Wonder Spray can be used to treat a variety of burns. If your burns are severe, please go to the nearest hospital.


Has Wonder Spray been proven to be safe and effective?

Wonder Spray has been tested in a variety of efficacy and compatibility tests required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

To review scientific publications on HOCL, click here.


Does Wonder Spray treat snake or animal bites?

Wonder Spray can treat bug bites and poison ivy. If your bite came from a poisonous animal or is severe, please immediately go to the nearest hospital.

Can Wonder Spray be used for chronic wound management?

Yes, Wonder Spray can be used for treating chronic wounds that result from diabetes, vasculitis and/or from being bedridden.


What makes Wonder Spray so effective for wound care?

Wonder Spray’s key ingredient is Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is the same substance our white blood cells produce and use to combat pathogens. As a wide range of scientific peer-reviewed research has shown, HOCL destroys bacteria, yeasts, fungi, molds and viruses, making it a safe and effective choice for wound management.

To review scientific publications on HOCL, click here.


Does it make sense to combine Wonder Spray with other treatments, such as a topical antibacterial product?

You can, but Wonder Spray is already packed with everything that you need to disinfect wounds.

How often should I apply Wonder Spray to a wound or cut?

Apply Wonder Spray daily to your wound. You can also use Wonder Spray whenever you are replacing your bandages.

Do I need a prescription to use Wonder Spray?

No, you do not need a prescription, but you should always consult your healthcare professional before use.

What are the ingredients in Wonder Spray?

Wonder Spray contains Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water (H2O) (99.94%), Sodium Chloride (NaCl) (0.048%), Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) (0.01%), Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) (0.002%). Wonder Spray contains no alcohol and no steroids.

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