Conventional Treatments Don't Cut It

Wonder Spray’s wonder ingredient has been shown to kill pathogens on contact. HOCL is essentially kryptonite for the average microbe. The 2014 Sakarya, Gunay study that concluded HOCL is “an ideal wound care agent,” also found that in its trial, “All microorganisms were killed within 0 minutes and accurate killing time was 12 seconds.” With pathogens so easily vanquished, the body can heal the wound using its own natural timetable, quickly and cleanly.

The many wonders of Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), the key ingredient of Wonder Spray, first came to the attention of doctors and medical researchers as a result of its amazing wound-healing benefits. As far back as World War I, there were stories about the life-and-limb-saving properties of HOCL. The 1983 Bunyan study chronicled the use of HOCL in military hospitals, in which HOCL solutions were used to heal wounds and burns.

“Bacterial toxins are neutralized and infection is controlled and prevented,” the study noted. “Acute surgical infections such as gas gangrene are quickly brought under control.”

Since that time, a vast body of scientific literature has established the incredible potency and effectiveness of this natural, non-toxic remedy.

What Makes Wonder Spray So Wonderful?

There is a simple reason why HOCL is both effective and well-tolerated by the body: It is the very same substance that our white blood cells produce to overwhelm invading pathogens. The 2018 Del Rosso and Bhatia study noted that, “The antimicrobial activity of HOCL is not that of a conventional antibiotic but rather an agent that is directly toxic to microbial cells.”

An added benefit is that HOCL not only kills bacteria, but also viruses, which are impervious to antibiotics. It has also proven to be a compelling alternative in combating antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” such as MRSA. The 2016 Gray, Foster study of a burn unit found the use of HOCL resulted in “a significant decrease in total MRSA infections.” The 2011 Mahamat, Brooker study showed that MRSA declined dramatically at a Scottish hospital when HOCL was used to disinfect high-risk areas. Yet as powerful as HOCL is, its non-toxicity allows wounds to heal naturally, without aggravating the surrounding skin. By working with the body as it heals, HOCL also helps reduce the likelihood that a scar will form.

Relief Starts Today!


"A couple of weeks ago I cut the back of my hand very bad. It was like a U cut and laid the skin back. It bled for a while and when it stopped I sprayed some Wonder Spray on it. Probably needed stitches but I just put a bandage on it. I sprayed Wonder Spray on it every morning when I changed the bandage and in less than a week (6 days) it had healed and I didn’t lose any of the skin and no scab formed. I was very impressed, a true miracle."

- Russ F.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of wounds and cuts does Wonder Spray treat?

Wonder Spray can treat anything from small paper cuts to minor wounds.

Is Wonder Spray safe to use to use on open cuts and wounds?

Yes, Wonder Spray is proven to be effective and safe to use around the eyes, nose, mouth and mucous membranes.

When should I seek professional help?

If your wound requires stitches, please go to the nearest hospital. If your wound has not healed properly or has become infected, please contact your doctor.

Can Wonder Spray be used for burns?

Wonder Spray can be used to treat a variety of burns. If your burns are severe, please go to the nearest hospital.

Can Wonder Spray be used for chronic wound management?

Yes, Wonder Spray can be used for treating chronic wounds that result from diabetes, vasculitis and/or from being bedridden.

What makes Wonder Spray so effective for wound care?

Wonder Spray’s key ingredient is Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is the same substance our white blood cells produce and use to combat pathogens. As a wide range of scientific peer-reviewed research has shown, HOCL destroys bacteria, yeasts, fungi, molds and viruses, making it a safe and effective choice for wound management.

To review scientific publications on HOCL, click here.

Does it make sense to combine Wonder Spray with other treatments, such as a topical antibacterial product?

You can, but Wonder Spray is already packed with everything that you need to disinfect wounds.

How often should I apply Wonder Spray to a wound or cut?

Apply Wonder Spray daily to your wound. You can also use Wonder Spray whenever you are replacing your bandages.

Has Wonder Spray been proven to be safe and effective?

Wonder Spray has been tested in a variety of efficacy and compatibility tests required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

To review scientific publications on HOCL, click here.

Does Wonder Spray treat snake or animal bites?

Wonder Spray can treat bug bites and poison ivy. If your bite came from a poisonous animal or is severe, please immediately go to the nearest hospital.

Do I need a prescription to use Wonder Spray?

No, you do not need a prescription, but you should always consult your healthcare professional before use.

What are the ingredients in Wonder Spray?

Wonder Spray contains Electrolyzed Oxygenated Water (H2O) (99.94%), Sodium Chloride (NaCl) (0.048%), Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) (0.01%), Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) (0.002%). Wonder Spray contains no alcohol and no steroids.