"My skin recently became irritated from the needle from my insulin pump. I really did not want to switch out the company my pump is from because it was working so well for me. I decided to try out Wonder Spray and it worked! I no longer have a rash, irritation, or scaring. I also used it for my morning allergies and POOF gone! I am so glad this spray exists and I urge everyone to give it a try!"

- Mariana W.



"I woke up with a sore throat and sprayed Wonder Spray into my throat. My throat immediately felt better and the sore throat did not return. I am convinced that it works."

- Charles B.



"My 15-year old daughter has been using Wonder Spray for her skin blemishes for several days now and reports improvement already. She also used it on her sore throat and said her sore throat was gone the next morning. "

- Steve E. 

"My daughter started 2019 with a problem with skin blemishes. After 1 month of using Wonder Spray, it had significantly improved."

- Jane W.


"I woke up on Monday with flu-like symptoms. I felt lousy and was sneezing, coughing, and had a very sore throat. I immediately thought of Wonder Spray and tried it hoping to relieve my very sore throat. I sprayed WS in my nose and throat and had nearly immediate relief! I have continued to use the spray twice a day. My symptoms did not progress and by the end of the week, I felt much better. I stopped sneezing and each time I thought my sore throat was coming back, I sprayed Wonder Spray in my mouth. I expected to have a miserable week, but miraculously did not! 

Great product that I plan to keep nearby just for such occasions!!!"

- John H.


 “Wonder Spray is brilliant. This spray has turned into a house hold must have and its clean smell reminds you of something like being in a pool or spa. We started using Wonder Spray initially for my daughter’s infection on her face in the cheek area due to heavy stage makeup as she’s a performer. We also spray the makeup brushes now in-between washing them. She has healed noticeably, and she continues to spray it on her face before applying moisturizer during the day, and mist at night after washing.

Since then, we have been finding other ways to use Wonder Spray for minor cuts, scalp irritation, and reddish skin blemishes. I even have my husband spray a mist in his nose before bed as it has quieted his snore! I’m truly impressed, and so far, it only leaves me wondering what else I can do with Wonder Spray”.

- Julie N.



"Anthony had an eye lid irritation and it was swollen and red. I used Wonder Spray 4 times a day for 3 days. Sprayed directly on lid. So much better."

- Cathy G.

"A couple of weeks ago I cut the back of my hand very bad. It was like a U cut and laid the skin back. It bled for a while and when it stopped I sprayed some Wonder Spray on it. Probably needed stitches but I just put a bandage on it. I sprayed Wonder Spray on it every morning when I changed the bandage  and in less than a week (6 days) it had healed and I didn’t lose any of the skin and no scab formed. I was very impressed, a true miracle."

- Russ F.



"I have always had extremely sweaty and therefore, stinky feet. I was constantly changing my socks and buying new ones with not much help. I also bought foot powder that didn't help much and was very expensive. I came across "Wonder Spray" and started dousing my feet and spraying it in my shoes twice a day. I have very little issues anymore with my wife and kids telling me to change my socks! Foot stink has been held at bay! And I am actually saving money as well!"

- Andy B.



I used the Wonder Spray on my arm where I had a small, itchy rash that wouldn’t go away. I wish I had taken a “before picture” to post here because it’s almost gone after less than a week of using Wonder Spray twice a day. Great product!

- Judy C.



I recently tried Wonder Spray. I had a cold and pretty bad sore throat. After a few quick sprays in my throat my throat felt much better and I recovered from my cold much faster than normal. I would recommend Wonder Spray to anyone as I really think it works!

- Bob B.



While retrieving some completed work from a good friend, she noticed a burn on my arm. She wanted me to try this product Wonder Spray. I was hesitant because I had used a product prior that was an antiseptic and the area was quite aggravated. With promising to use the product I was so pleased because it actually calmed the burn down and  less than 4 days my arm has healed. 

I would highly recommend this product to many.  

- Rebecca B.



“I am a diabetes educator and one of my clients developed a skin rash initiation on her arm after starting to use a Continuous Glucose Monitor that uses a needle that attaches to the skin on the arm, abdomen or thigh. She also had developed skin rash on her abdomen and back. So, I tried using Wonder spray and the next day she called me and informed me her rash was all gone. She was very happy about it! Thanks to Wonder spray!!”

- AeNam S.


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